London Fashion Week (A/W 2014-15) streetstyle

On Monday, I was lucky enough to pop down to Somerset house to soak up the fashion-filled atmosphere and take as many streetstyle pics as I could. I was pretty nervous as I didn't know how people would react to me asking to photograph them but most of the people were absolutely lovely and it was a really great experience...I can't wait to go again next year.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of unique outfits, garish ensembles and down-right stupid footwear (we're talking cobbles here) and for that reason, there are a hell of a lot of photos coming your way! 

Handmade pom-pom jumpers are always a good idea. This guys suit was the bomb.com (you can find him here

You probably know me well enough by now to know that I have a serious shoe addiction and I'm always checking what's on peoples feet. God knows how they wore these whilst standing for hours (I'm talking a good three or so hours- they were wearing them when I arrived and when I came back from lunch). Left photo: GemmaEpiphannie, Emma

This girl wearing the most gorgeous coca cola skirt (that she designed herself) is called Shante and she was the loveliest person! If you're reading this, it was a pleasure to meet you Shante. Check out her blog here

Bottom left and bottom right = my dream hair colour. 

The girl in the middle (Anna) designed and made the dress she was wearing and it was absolutely stunning. My photos simply don't do it justice- the crystal embellishment and crushed velvet were gorgeous. Please check out here website here.

I didn't manage to catch this girls name as she was being photographed from every angle imaginable. I love how a relatively simple outfit was turned into something so chic and dramatic with the simple addition of a veiled headpiece. 

Finally, another person that people were going crazy for and I forgot to ask her name, was this incredible girl. This is my absolute favourite outfit (I'm so obsessed with vintage hats at the moment and of course hers was vintage) The whole outfit was a bright red which is not an easy colour to pull off but she did it effortlessly...it definitely turned heads! Please let me know if you know the name of this girl. 

Well, I did say there would be a lot. Bearing in mind this has been narrowed down from 80, I think I did quite well. I really enjoyed the atmosphere surrounding LFW (I'll be blogging about some of the shows I attended very soon) and can't wait to attend next year. I've already started planning and will be staying in a hotel next time so I can stay for even longer. 

I hope at least one of you enjoyed these photographs as I certainly enjoyed taking them. What look was your favourite? 

xo Meg


Charlie May

There comes a time when I find a new (to me, that is) designer and I feel an overwhelming urge to tell everyone who will listen about it. For me, a new designer pops up on your radar and you become full-on obsessed with it (although that could just be me...?) 

Charlie May is someone who I've been following on instagram (& bloglovin') for quite some time now (her style is impeccable- no one can wear oversized coats and slip-ons quite like her) and only recently have I found out about her incredible designing skills. To some Charlie up from her own bio:

"Charlie May was born and raised in Devon, South West of England, and later moved to Bristol to study Fashion Design at UWE. In 2011, just one year after graduating, she decided to start her own womenswear label, showcasing 10 looks to key fashion press for S/S12 as well as a short fashion film featuring key silhouettes from the collection. September 2012 saw Charlie present her first solo catwalk show for S/S13 during London Fashion Week which she continues to do each season."

If Charlie isn't an inspiration, I don't know who is. Now onto the clothes themselves...

Her use of lightweight, flowing silks and cotton are perfectly tailored and juxtaposed again the sharply cut, structured leather pieces (how gorgeous is this white leather tee?!) I won't even get into how gorgeous her oversized wool coats are because I won't be able stop talking about them (let's just say, if i could afford it on my student budget, this would be mine in a heartbeat). 

To sum up her designs, this is what you can find on the Charlie May websites bio:

"Contemporary minimalism is the concept behind the Charlie May aesthetic. Directional and fresh with a focus on quality cuts, May is an
emerging designer on the radar of fashion press and bloggers alike."

You can find Charlie here, here, here, here, here

What's your favourite piece from Charlie's collection? Will any of you lucky lot be attending her LFW show this year? 

xo Meg


Camel coats

p/h stockholmstreetstyle & google

Something I can't get out of mind at the moment are camel coats... I'm obsessed to say the very least. Their neutral tone allows for the ability to style them with every colour imaginable and for me they would make a nice change from my stereotypical black or dark-toned winter coat options. It seems as though whenever I set my mind on a certain piece of clothing or style, images of it spring up everywhere, and this is no exception. My favourite place for inspiration generally (and in particular for camel coats styled in the most incredible ways) has to be stockholm streetstyle, I highly recommend you check it out if you haven't already seen it but i'm sure you all have. 

To me, the perfect styling of a camel coat would be a plain white structured tee with ripped denim jeans and lace-up heels (like my new ones here) with a pair of statement earrings and red lips to easily transition you into a night-time look. 

Here are some of my favourite camel coats: ASOS, J.CREW, Burberry, River Island

Are camel coats on your mind too; what do you think of them? What's your go-to winter coat? 

xo Meg


the juxtaposition // new in

p/h me. heels: zara. knit: gap 

For 2014 I've decided i'm definitely going to start blogging and for a start I thought I'd show you my two favourite sale purchases I've bought so far and these two just happen to be things I will be wearing together as I love the juxtaposition between the oversized, chunky, care-free knit and the uber sparkly, formal heels. It goes without saying i'll probably style these with ripped boyfriend jeans and throw my new coat over the top.

Hope you all had a great Christmas/holiday & have a great New Year

xo Meg


Biker jackets (Vegan addition)

There comes an inevitable time in any girls life where she decides it's time to purchase the staple 'biker jacket'. This time has come for me (albeit slightly later than most people my age but better late than never hey?!)

Being a veggie, I thought, as there are already thousands of biker jacket posts out there, to specifically write about vegan biker jackets.

*I'd like to reiterate from previous posts that I have absolutely no problem with people wearing leather, it's solely my choice to not wear it and I would never dream of making someone feel bad for wearing it or pushing my opinions on others etc*

You might be thinking that PU or other plastic-based biker jackets look incredibly tacky (I have to admit I first though that too) but nowadays there are a lot of very good imitations- the day of stiff, shiny (and quite frankly noisy to wear) faux leather jackets are gone and now replaced by some very convincing alternatives, some of which could actually pass for the real deal! I kid you not...even my dad agreed.

Before I go on to list some of my real leather alternatives, I thought I'd add some ispo pics that made me lust after the said-jacket even more.

p/h Stockholm Streetstyle + LellaVictoria

If one thing's for sure: I cannot wait to try (*try* being the operative word) to somewhat gracefully perch a biker jacket over my shoulders because, let's be honest, nothing looks cooler than that. 

I've tried on a few biker jackets during this past week as you may have already seen through my instagram - firstly to help out with this blog post and also to continue the search on finding 'the one' (not to be confused with a boyfriend, I mean a biker jacket and that's far more important). So far no luck but I've just ordered one through my favourite website (ASOS)so here's hoping it'll fit the bill.

ASOS, Topshop, Zara (although they only have a couple not made of real leather), H&M, Nelly, Motel and River Island seem to be the best places to get them from. Or you could hunt through eBay if you don't want to risk seeing multiple people in the same jacket as you- that can be the best place to find hidden treasures I find. 

Here are my vegan biker jacket picks for you lovely lot, nicely organised by price bracket ;)

£20-£40: here, here, here

£45-£55: here, here, here

£60-£70: here, here, here

p.s. I would apologise for not blogging after I specifically said I would but that seems to be included in every post so I'm not going to apologise any more and instead just keep planning new posts! My exams are over (at least for a few month) so i'll most probably be posting more on here + my instagram a lot more. 

I hope you are all having a great week & hope to speak to you all very soon,